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Rewards Program


Earn Points

Get Rewards

Anyone who signs up for one-on-one tutoring through AST Solo is automatically eligible for our rewards program.

You are able to earn points through either being tutored or referring others to our program. These points can then be traded in for a variety of rewards, including free classes, personal purchases, gift cards, and more!

More information can be found below.

How to earn points

Be tutored

For every 3 hours of tutoring you have with us you earn 1 point. This can be with any tutor in any subject.

Refer others

For every person you refer to us who takes 3 hours of tutoring with us, you earn 5 points.

We will keep track of your points for you in our system. You are free to ask us at any point in time how many points you have.


You can trade your points in for any of the following rewards

Mentoring Session

1 point

College students and high school seniors and juniors will serve as mentors for younger students. This will be a safe space for all students and they will have a chance to discuss any topic of their choosing. Mentors will be carefully screened and will undergo training to be able to handle a wide variety of topics.
The first session will be held in October.

Group Class

3 points

Your child can take a group class for either a subject they are being tutored in or in an entirely different subject. This is especially beneficial for subjects that often have group discussions, such as English or Social Studies. The instructor for the class may be different from your child’s tutor. 


3 points

Every other month AST will invite guest speakers to give a seminar or workshop on a variety of topics, ranging from navigating the school system to college applications to effective studying habits. The first seminar/workshop will be held in October.


6 points

Whether it’s for a subject your child is already being tutored in or for a new subject/tutor, your child can take any one-on-one class for free, just let us know which tutor you would like.


5-40 points

Gift Card

5-40 points

Get a gift card to your favorite store and get yourself a treat. Show us a receipt of your purchase and we will reimburse you. The number of points needed depends on the value of the gift card.

Writing Editing

5-40 points

Do you need editing on an email? Or does your child need editing on an essay? Whatever piece of writing you need a second eye to take a look at, we will edit for you. The number of points needed depends on the word count.

Reward your child for doing well in class by giving them a gift. Show us a receipt of your purchase and we will reimburse you. The number of points needed depends on the price of the gift.

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